New Coronavirus Guidelines Effective Sunday, May 30th

Bishop Knestout has issued new coronavirus guidelines effective today (May 28, 2021).  The key points are listed below.

What Is Returning to Normal

1. Masks are no longer required for fully vaccinated parishioners. (Unvaccinated parishioners are asked to continue to wear masks.) 

2. You may now seat yourself at mass and exit when you choose (an usher is no longer required to guide you).

3. The use of holy water and baptismal fonts is again permitted, but fonts should be cleaned and sanitized weekly.

4. Social distancing is no longer required.  Both vaccinated choral/instrumental performers and individuals in the congregation may sit together.

5. Bulletins, hymnals, and missalettes may now be distributed and used.

6.  The Eucharistic gifts may be brought up in procession and the offering basket may again be passed during mass.

7.  Social gatherings before and after mass, both inside and outside, are now permitted and may involve food.

8. Sanitizing the pews after each mass is no longer required; the standard weekly cleaning of the parish is sufficient. 

Which Safety Measures Remain in Place

1. Holding hands during the Lord's Prayer and shaking hands during the Sign of Peace are still not allowed. Contactless greetings and signs are required.

2. The cup will still not be distributed during the Eucharist.

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