Attending Mass During COVID-19, in Three Simple Steps

Attending Mass during COVID-19, in Three Simple Steps:

Our Lady of Peace parish has now reopened for mass.  Until the COVID-19 crisis is over, you should come to mass only if you do not fall into a vulnerable population and no one in your family is sick (if you don’t meet those conditions, you should watch mass on-line at home; our on-line masses will continue).  If you are able to come to mass, just follow these three simple steps:

1.      Wear a mask (homemade is fine).  You will lift or remove the mask only when receiving communion.  If you do not have a mask, an usher will provide you with one.

2.      Maintain social distancing.  Keep six feet away from anyone who does not belong to your family.  Wave, rather than hugging or shaking hands; this includes the Sign of Peace.

3.      Listen to your usher.  The ushers understand all the complexities of the governor’s safety regulations and are our principal means of carrying them out.  So during the coronavirus crisis, you should defer to your ushers the same way you would at a wedding.  Just as at a wedding, you will be ushered to an assigned seat when you come in and you will be ushered out when you leave (do not leave until then).  If for the next few months we can all pretend that we are at a wedding, we can all gather while still staying safe.