Welcome to the online donation system for Our Lady of Peace!

Here you can arrange to make a one-time donation, recurring donations, or donations for special fund drives. You can make your donation as a registered member (recommended for parishioners) or as a guest. If you donate as a guest your donation will be kept anonymous unless you request otherwise. Donations to Our Lady of Peace are tax-deductible, and are used to fund church operations and activities, as well as our numerous charitable ministries such as religious education and assistance to the needy.


  • The first time you visit the E-Giving page (by clicking the DONATE NOW button above) you can register with the system. This is recommended for members of the parish to make regular giving easier. However, to make an anonymous donation you can choose "Guest Transaction."
  • Once you have registered, on future visits you can log-in to make a donation, make changes to existing scheduled donations, view your donation history, and so on.
  • When making a new donation you will be able to select the fund to which you are donating. Ordinary donations should go to the "general fund." When additional fund drives are ongoing you will have the option of selecting one of those funds as well.
  • After selecting the fund you will be prompted for an amount. After entering the amount you will be given the option of making the donation now, on a future date, or on a recurring schedule that you will be able to choose; either weekly, every-other week, twice-a-month, monthly, or quarterly. You can also set an end date for regular donations if you choose, and of course you can cancel your scheduled donations at any time.
  • When your donation transaction is complete you will be able to print a receipt. It is not necessary to give this receipt to the church; if you donated as a registered member your donation will be recorded in the church records. If you donated as a guest but wish the donation to be publicly acknowledged then you should give a copy of the receipt to Fr. Jim.
  • Other services available to you on the E-giving site are:
    • View your donation history.
    • Use the Donation Calculator to help you determine an appropriate level of giving.

The E-Giving system makes maintaining the financial health of the church easier for everyone: easier for parishioners to donate, and easier for ministers to track, record, and deposit donated funds. Please let us know what you think of the new system by using the contact form.